Stock Market

Being an investment company, we invest in liquid securities in the country’s stock market that include stocks, bonds, debentures, mutual funds, etc. However, we also advise/educate clients and investors alike on stock market related activities. We believe that financial education among market participants is key to a well-developed and robust capital market.

Fund Management

We believe that professional fund management is a necessity in a country like Nepal where the scope of investments is growing by the day. As institutions are engaged in their own line of business, they do not have extra time to research about investments or perform clerical tasks related to investments. Hence, we provide fund management services to such institutions and also manage funds of newly created entities on a contract basis.

Financial Advisory

For better management of personal as well as corporate finances, we provide advisory services to both individuals and Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs). We help individuals in proper management of their investments, debt, taxes, and retirement. Similarly, for businesses, we perform company valuations, Due Diligence Audit (DDA), create business plans and manage corporate accounts. We also help businesses maintain good accounting standards and increase operational efficiency.

Private Equity

In recent years, there have been increasing number entrepreneurs in Nepal with new and stimulating business ideas. However, their success and growth has been limited due to inability to raise capital. Hence, to promote new ventures as well as SMEs help grow their businesses, we inject fresh equity or help entrepreneurs raise required capital.

Real Estate

To maintain a well balanced portfolio, we invest in real estate such as land and commercial buildings. However, we also provide a platform where buyers and sellers meet. Our goal in real estate is to find ways to make this type of investment more transparent and liquid by promoting securitization of these types of assets which could make this sector more reliable and vibrant.

Investment Research

We provide a wide range of research reports and analyses especially in the field of capital market. This type of research includes, but is not limited to, stock analysis, market research, fundamental & technical analysis, sector research, derivatives, commodities, forex, etc.